Orson's Shadow Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater September 2019

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"Torstveit is perfect in the role."-Ptownie

"Kelsey Torstveit is winning as Plowright — always self-aware, practical and sharp."-Wicked Local Provincetown

"Kelsey Torstveit was a dynamic, fresh-faced Joan Plowright."-Cape Cod Today

...Where You Eat Wild Project July 2018


"If the capable eight-member ensemble boasts a star, it’s Kelsey Torstveit, playing an exuberant free spirit named Meredith." Robert Viagas, Outer Stage

Scot Taylor, Kelsey Torstveit

Photo:Jean-Luc McMurtry

Blithe Spirit-Capital Repertory Theatre April 2018

"Kelsey Torstveit, as Edith, the maid, was an audience favorite; something as small as setting the table or bringing out the drinks had everyone in stitches. Her physical comedy is spot-on."-Amy Durant, The Alt

"[...]It is impossible not to laugh, or at least giggle, when Kelsey Torstveit makes many frantic entrances as the nervous maid, Edith."-Bob Goepfert, The Troy Record

"Throughout, the Condomines’ clumsy housemaid Edith (the hilarious Kelsey Torstveit) navigates each scene like a puppy trying desperately to please without the slightest inkling how."-Roseann Cane, Berkshire on Stage

"Torstveit’s galumphing and bewildered Edith provides delightful comic relief from the self-absorbed shenanigans of the others. "-Paul Lamar, The Daily Gazette

The Turn of the Screw-Welfleet Harbor Actors Theater November 2017

"Kelsey Torstveit masterfully plays the governess. At the start, she is wide-eyed and innocent, ready to take on the world and love her charges unconditionally. Slowly, [...]Torstveit becomes hunchbacked and anguished in appearance as her mind grapples with what it perceives to be real."-Cape Cod Chronicle

“Torstveit walks a tightrope between her character’s irrepressible sexuality and escalating hysteria, and never loses her balance."- Wicked Local Provincetown

Mouthy Bitch Cincinnati Fringe Festival June 2015

"Torstveit’s fine performance achieves the difficult balance between showing us her well-crafted armor with an occasional, tragic glimpse at the heartbreak beneath it."-Ed Cohen for CityBeat

*CityBeat Critic's Pick of the Fringe



"She is bold, brazen and competely fearless."-Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic

Image by Zach Cieslak, Poster by Dennis Bush

Theory of Mind Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park January 2015


Kelsey Torstveit gives "Hilo" energy and life.  There's something intense about her, but its buried in this hippie peace and love sweetness that had me on the edge of my seat."-Kirk Sheppard, The Sappy Critic



Photo by Tony Arrasmith

I Am A Camera Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater June-July 2014


"Natalia Landauer (marvelously uptight Kelsey Torstveit)"-The Boston Globe


"Torstveit's Natalia is Teutonic correctness at its ironic best."- Provincetown Magazine



Kelsey Torstveit as Natalia Landauer delivers a comical breath of fresh air whenever she's onstage."-The Barnstable Patriot


Photo by Michael and Suz Karchmer