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Orson's Shadow Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater September 2019

WHAT Orson's Shadow 2019 HR-14(1).jpg

"Torstveit is perfect in the role."-Ptownie

"Kelsey Torstveit is winning as Plowright — always self-aware, practical and sharp."-Wicked Local Provincetown

"Kelsey Torstveit was a dynamic, fresh-faced Joan Plowright."-Cape Cod Today

...Where You Eat Wild Project July 2018


"If the capable eight-member ensemble boasts a star, it’s Kelsey Torstveit, playing an exuberant free spirit named Meredith." Robert Viagas, Outer Stage

Blithe Spirit Capital Repertory Theatre April 2018

"Kelsey Torstveit, as Edith, the maid, was an audience favorite; something as small as setting the table or bringing out the drinks had everyone in stitches. Her physical comedy is spot-on."-Amy Durant, The Alt

"[...]It is impossible not to laugh, or at least giggle, when Kelsey Torstveit makes many frantic entrances as the nervous maid, Edith."-Bob Goepfert, The Troy Record

"Throughout, the Condomines’ clumsy housemaid Edith (the hilarious Kelsey Torstveit) navigates each scene like a puppy trying desperately to please without the slightest inkling how."-Roseann Cane, Berkshire on Stage

"Torstveit’s galumphing and bewildered Edith provides delightful comic relief from the self-absorbed shenanigans of the others. "-Paul Lamar, The Daily Gazette

The Turn of the Screw-Welfleet Harbor Actors Theater November 2017

"Kelsey Torstveit masterfully plays the governess. At the start, she is wide-eyed and innocent, ready to take on the world and love her charges unconditionally. Slowly, [...]Torstveit becomes hunchbacked and anguished in appearance as her mind grapples with what it perceives to be real."-Cape Cod Chronicle

“Torstveit walks a tightrope between her character’s irrepressible sexuality and escalating hysteria, and never loses her balance."- Wicked Local Provincetown

I Am A Camera Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater June-July 2014
i am a camera p-2(1).jpg

"Natalia Landauer (marvelously uptight Kelsey Torstveit)"-The Boston Globe


"Torstveit's Natalia is Teutonic correctness at its ironic best."- Provincetown Magazine 



Kelsey Torstveit as Natalia Landauer delivers a comical breath of fresh air whenever she's onstage."-The Barnstable Patriot

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